Meet Rosemary

I love art.

The medium of glass for me is where passion meets natural aptitude.

Here is a list of loves that I thought would turn into my career:

  • Massage Therapist
  • Pen and Ink Illustrator
  • Snowboard Instructor
  • Gallery Sales Girl
  • Concert Violinist

Thankfully, I can recognize when something just isn't going to work out. Once a year, from age 19-23, I moved to a new place with a new dream. After making the cross country drive 3 times, I landed in Southern California.

Another whim hit and I took a trip to Kauai.

The island resonated with my personality and I started thinking of a path that would lead back to the Garden Island.

I learned glass blowing to create a job for myself on Kauai.

One year later, in August 2003, I relocated to Kauai and have lived here happily ever since.

Rosemary Glass officially became a business in 2004.

10 Things you might learn about me when we become friends

  1. Driving freaks me out. I do it daily, but would much rather cruise as a passenger.
  2. I don't eat meat, but love the smell of a barbecue, so please invite me.
  3. I have two non-traditional piercings and three tattoos. One of these I regret.
  4. My never-fail good music is…anything by Will Smith. Start with "Gettin' Jiggy Wit It".
  5. I am left handed. It may not amount to anything, but this trait helps me feel special and artistic.
  6. Lightning scares me. During a storm, I only feel safe in a room with no windows or plugged in electronics.
  7. I used to draw trippy artwork (see failed career paths) and sell glossy prints in the parking lot of Phish concerts.
  8. I got the idea for my daughter's name from a local television commercial.
  9. My favorite mom activity is baking. My least favorite mom duty is messing with car seats, especially untangling straps.
  10. As a young girl, I dug up earthworms. After the catch, I would assign names and seal it with a kiss on the worm's head.